Buffalo Business Intelligence (BI) Work Group

Wednesday, December 1st
Wed, Dec 1st, 5:30pm - Wed, Dec 1st, 7:30pm

#BuffaloBusinessIntelligence / Buffalo BI



The Buffalo Business Intelligence Work Group formed in December 2017 to unite all “boots on the ground” data analytics, business intelligence, and data scientists of Buffalo regardless of the skill level or industry in an inclusive, vendor neutral, cost-effective setting. Data is data no matter the industry or tool and it takes a wide range of skill sets in order to leverage technology to achieve favorable outcomes in WNY. The peers you meet here will “tell you like it is”, celebrate your failures, inspire future wins, and will be there to support you throughout your analytics journey, no matter your skill level, industry, or employer.

If you have a curiosity that cannot be quenched, a passion for problem solving, a love of learning, enjoy tinkering with tools, are thrilled to share skills, or are eager to connect with your local tech-community, you belong at our events.

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